What makes someone a great employee

People are inconsistent, incoherent and random. And that is what makes us unique and capable of doing great things. Psychologist and economists have been studying human behavior for years. However, we are not Econs, so our behaviour is not always based on logic.

What is an Econ?

According to M. Scott Niederjohn and Kim Holder, Econs are "individuals" that could be described as being analytical, reflective, effortful, deliberate and patient. Being entirely rational does not mean that Econs make perfect forecasts. Still, they make unbiased forecasts, as explained by RHT and CRS at Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness. This definition supports the difference between humans and Econs.

Econs Vs Humans

Humans sometimes are incoherent because we use the part of our brain called the Automatic System instead of using the Reflective System. Unconscious biases profoundly influence humans. It does not mean we are stupid; it just means that many times we can't realize the full picture. Since the human brain is extremely powerful, we cannot fully control it. On the other hand, this power is what makes us different from significant animals. We can accumulate culture, knowledge and built on it.

We can compare the human brain to artificial intelligence, which keeps learning from what it sees over time. Humans are learning for 40,000 years, and, more than ever, humans are being nudged all the t

ime. Consequently, we are in constant change. In the work environment, this is no different. Companies that are willing to create a great place to work must keep looking at their people all the time. They can't nudge employees once in a while: motivation is not a transaction business; it is a service.

Motivating Humans

While motivating employees, companies must remember the difference between humans and Econs.

The fu

ture of work is about understanding human beings and their singularities, even when they are not analytical or logical. Understanding individuality is the bridge to building a sense of community.

What now?

We must look at people and consider their irrationality before acting because every action influences how these people will behave. That irrationality is the beauty of human beings, what makes us special. Being aware of it in the work environment will bring companies to the next level since an excellent execution relies on motivated and productive people.

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